Youth Programs

We help students and young adults prepare for their next phase of life. We have work readiness training to prepare youth (ages 14-21) for the workforce and paid-work-based learning experiences, where they will explore career paths and acquire general skills needed to obtain competitive employment. Career Camps are also available during school breaks, and Career Camps give students the knowledge needed to navigate the workforce.

Job Exploration Counseling 

Explores career path options that are best suited to your skills, abilities, aptitudes, and interests.

Work Readiness Training

Focuses on employability and related skills that prepare you for work. Resume writing, mock interviews, searching for, and applying for jobs are covered as a part of this training.

Paid-Work Based Learning Experience Click for Current Partners

Provides practical, hands-on training for employability skills. These experiences focus on practicing social skills and building relationships.

Career Camps Click for Flyer

A class where all aspects of joining the workforce are explored from resume writing and interviewing tips to accommodations and safety.

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How Does It Work?

The Vocation Depot, Inc. will serve as the Employer of Record & will pay the wages to the individual in training. Workers’ Compensation is provided by the State of Florida, Vocational Rehabilitation Division, therefore there is no cost or risk to the Employer providing the training. Once the Host Worksite and The Vocation Depot agree to work together, a Memorandum Of Understanding is signed.

Potential positions are identified by the host worksite and the job coach; the job coach will determine which student is a match for the position. A mock interview will then take place with the employer and student.

A job coach will be available to work with the student and host worksite management if any issues arise or extra support is needed. You will never be left without The Vocation Depots’ guidance.