Vocational Evaluations & Discovery

Trying to decide on a career that’s right for you? We offer Vocational Evaluations and Discovery assessments that help determine your interests, skills, and abilities to narrow down a job goal and career path that is suited specifically for you.

Vocational Evaluations

Vocational Evaluations are designed to determine a decision for career planning.  The approach may consist of interviews, functional assessment, standardized tests, gathering, and analyzing background information.  It is used to assess skills related to vocational planning.

​Youth benefit from a well-defined evaluations process that assists them in making informed choices and achieving desired post-school employment outcomes.   Evaluations include observations, interviews, record reviews, and testing/performance activities. Information from this process can be used to drive the Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) and transition planning processes.


Discovery is the foundation of Customized Employment. Discovery replaces comparative/competitive assessments and other norm-referenced vocational evaluations or psychometric approaches. Discovery begins in the home and identifies resources, supports, and the residing or potential skills through a series of planned activities, interviews, and explorations. Discovery identifies crucial information for a vocational profile that includes evidence concerning the individual’s Vocational Themes and ideal conditions of employment.