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Capabilities Statement

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Founded in 2013, Established in 2015, and Gold Medallion recipient in 2019, The Vocation Depot, Inc, was formed by two Veterans for the purpose of helping disabled Veterans and people with disabilities find and keep competitive employment with local employers. The Vocation Depot (TVD) is partnered/contracted with state and local Vocational Rehabilitation Division Offices, Workforce Programs, and Businesses to provide professional, organized and results-oriented services.

What services you ask?

Let’s define Vocational Rehabilitation so you understand exactly what those two words really mean to millions of people with disabilities and to our nations disabled Veteran community.  

Vocational rehabilitation is made up of a series of services that are designed to facilitate the entrance into or return to work by people with disabilities or by people who have recently acquired an injury or disability. Some of these services include vocational assessment and evaluation, training, upgrading of general skills, refresher courses, on-the-job training, career counseling, employment searches, and consulting with potential or existing employers for job accommodations and modification. These services may also vary depending on the needs of the individual.” (mgarcia1, 2013).

Although VA’s Veterans Business Administration (VBA) recently changed the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Service Program name to the Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) Service Program, its mission remains the same: “help with job training, education, employment accommodations, resume development, and job seeking skills coaching”.  


One of the biggest challenges within the VR(&E) community is assessing each person/veteran with a disability and pairing that person with the right “Employment Specialist” to service/mentor them throughout the ENTIRE process. 


On The Job Training is an opportunity for a person with a disability to develop the skills needed to realize their career goals.  During OJT, the trainee interacts on a regular basis with Employees who do not have disabilities, holds a regular position, and is paid no less than minimum wage.  OJT helps people with disabilities get used to the Employment environment while gaining valuable work experience.


  • Employment Services focus on supporting Veterans and individuals with disabilities find competitive employment opportunities. Employment specialists develop individualized career plans, and they assist with job applications, resume development and interviewing skills.
  • Supported Employment Services (SES) are designed to provide ongoing support, such as job coaching, to Veterans and individuals with the most significant disabilities for the purpose of promoting social integration, productivity and maximum use of a person’s skills and abilities.
  • On The Job Training (OJT) Services are immediately provided when an employee is showing difficulty adjusting to task requests and interacting with non-disabled employees. It is at this time an employment specialist works with the disabled Veteran or individual with a disability to develop the necessary skills to succeed.



TVD’s current and future successes are built on a foundation of ownership character, relationships as business partners, and our highly skilled staff that work tirelessly to help those in need. Established in 2015, TVD has generated over $4.5 Million in revenue between January 2015 and December 2021. We did this by establishing a strong foundation while driving through adversity. 

  • In 2015, TVD secured an IDIQ contract with the Dept. of Education’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in the State of Florida. Contract #:  VJ164 (Non-state term).
  • In 2019. TVD achieved sales in excess of $554,386 by servicing 190 unique customers. Which translates into successfully training and placing 95 persons with disabilities in jobs, and successfully closing to completion 61 cases, with 34 carrying over into 2020. 
  • In 2020. TVD achieved sales in excess of $735,716 by servicing 201 unique customers. Which translates into successfully training and placing 118 persons with disabilities in jobs, and successfully closing to completion 91 cases, with 27 carrying over into 2021. 
  • In 2021, TVD achieved sales in excess of $1.1 Million by servicing 247 unique customers. Which translates into successfully training and placing 165 persons with disabilities in jobs, and successfully closing to completion 113 cases, with 52 carrying over into 2022. 
  • In 2022, TVD secured a subcontracting partnership as a Vocational Rehabilitation and Veteran Readiness & Employment Servicer on the Build Roads & Bridges Initiative brought forth by the Florida Department of Transportation in partnership with the Florida Workforce Development Program.
  • YoY growth reflects our performance: 19/20 = 33%, 20/21 = 49%, and 21/22 projected growth is 33%, sales of over $1.45 Million.


What sets us apart from our competition, other vocational rehabilitation organizations and providers is our comprehensive approach for providing clients BOTH career services and medical services, a rare combination of services presented to VOC Rehab consults.

  • TVD was established by Veterans to employment services for Veterans and non-Veterans with disabilities 
  • TVD partners frequently with Walgreens REDI (Retail Employees with Disabilities Initiative) for customer On-The-Job Training Opportunities with potential for permanent employment. 
  • TVD partners with Wawa’s Supported Employment program which provides opportunities for persons with disabilities to work customized positions at local Wawa stores. 
  • TVD is now a Certified Employment Network Provider with the Social Security Administration.
  • TVD’s attention to contract requirements and attention to requirement fulfillment consistently positions TVD in win-win arrangements with Federal and State Agencies, like Dept. of Transportation, Dept. of Education, and Florida Dept. of Transportation to name a few.




PS Codes:


624310: Vocational Rehabilitation Services
624120: Services for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities

R499 (Support Professional: Other) U006 (Education/Training)
U006 (Education/Training)
R497 (Professional/Personal Support)


Primary Contact

Cheryl Vincent

Phone: 813-796-3833
Email:  [email protected]

Capabilities Statement

Download your copy of Vocation Depot’s Capabilities Statement today. Let’s talk!